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We also offer our services in the turf grass maintenance department. This encompasses several things we do. We do airification, and we have a John Deer ProCore 2000 which is a state of the art PTO driven unit that gives a consistent depth of the size of the hole we poke in the grass and we can also have a very high volume of holes that we place. The purpose of this is that the more air that the soil receives the better it allows the root structure of the grass to establish itself and the plant to be more healthy.  People put so much emphasis on fertilization and sand, which is top dressing, that they forget that grass is like a human being or any other living thing, and if it can’t breathe it can’t grow and be healthy.  So we try to promote the combination of proper airification, top dressing, and verticutting.

When we top dress we are actually applying a thin layer of sand over the entire surface of the Bermuda grass or turf grasses, and the benefit of that is that it helps to change the profile of the soil, but primarily the sand serves as a warmth barrier and it allows also for the thatch layer that’s in the soil to speed up the decomposition of that current thatch.   When we verticut, we are actually using a machine that will slice lines on the rhizomes and stolons of the Bermuda grass which stimulates more radical growth to help create that carpet-like appearance.  The process stimulates new growth of the Bermuda grass which makes it really thick creating a better playing surface.  We also offer a service of sweeping and removing cores from airification or the thatch from verticutting. Basically by getting rid of those cores and that thatch you’re allowing that turf grass to breathe.

Another service we offer is called de-thatching.  When we de-thatch we go in mechanically with a machine that removes all of the thatch layer in the canopy of the grass, and again the primary reason for this is to allow the grass, the living plant, to breathe so that it can thrive and have less competition and it’s just overall good plant health for the Bermuda grass.

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