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The most accurate playing surfaces

Warner’s Athletic Construction is the leader when it comes to baseball and softball field construction and maintenance. WAC has just completed total renovation work at Pringles Park in Jackson, Tennessee, including the installation of the sod. Pringles Park, a 6,000 seat minor league baseball stadium, is the home of the Jackson Generals, a Double A professional baseball team and minor league affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

The difficult renovation work included removing four inches of existing material, correcting some issues the park was having with the drainage and irrigation systems, and installing new lines to provide proper drainage. WAC then laser graded the field, installed the sod, and put the field back together with the most accurate playing surface possible.

Laser Grading

According to the Warner’s Athletic Construction Company Project Superintendent, the key to building a better field is in the precision of the grade. Laser grading is very important for creating highly precise finish grades for site preparation and maintenance.

When we laser grade a playing surface, we set up a transit and shoot grades with a rod stick reader. After we have a transit, we set up and program the grade tolerance within the actual transit and then hook a receiving unit to our grader box. It is a fully automated system, so once everything is programmed by the operator, the laser transit communicates with the receiver on the grading unit and self adjusts.

It is the advanced technology of our automated grading system that allows us to always perform jobs within 1/4 of an inch of perfection and typically within 1/8 of an inch of perfection. While many construction companies now use this technology, we were actually one of the first to start using it.

Because of our expertise in the use of this advanced technology, the Pringles Park project – although complex – went extremely well. WAC met the close tolerances required for a professional baseball field with the grading of the infield clay, the renovation of the warning track and the establishment of the sand based field.

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