Synthetic Turf


Synthetic Turf

For the last several years, Warner’s Athletic Construction Company has been growing our presence in the area of installing and building new full synthetic fields as well as converting existing natural grass fields to synthetic materials. This is a growing trend across all different types of sports and athletic fields due to the durability and ease of maintenance provided by synthetic materials.

WAC also specializes in smaller synthetic turf projects for many different sports. We currently install a large number of synthetic halos for baseball fields; the halo is the area surrounding home plate where baseball and softball teams take batting practice. Because it is used more than most other parts of the field, the grass around the home plate circle gets worn out quickly. When we convert a halo, we go in and remove the existing turf in the area all around home plate and replace it with stronger, more durable synthetic turf. In some cases we will even put in a new synthetic home plate, replacing the clay and dirt that is typically used with synthetic material, which helps to reduce the maintenance this area requires tremendously. We are also installing synthetic turf on a lot of college baseball fields, replacing the natural turf on all of their infield foul territory. This eliminates the maintenance nightmare of keeping these higher traffic areas looking good and makes them far more manageable.

WAC also does a great deal of sideline repair work on football fields. One of the most common areas we deal with is the coach’s box – the sideline area from the 30 yard line to the 30 yard line that the players and coaches have to stand in when they are not on the playing field. With almost a hundred people occupying this small area during a game it doesn’t take long for a natural grass surface to be destroyed, and many venues have chosen to install synthetic turf in this area. WAC also does a large number of synthetic turf installations on soccer fields; many of these installations take place at the goal-mouth to cut down on the constant maintenance this heavy-traffic area requires when it is a natural grass surface.

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