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Best in the industry in dealing with infield clay and clay renovations

In 1998 when Lou Warner started the company, he had just got through playing professional baseball so he wanted to specialize in baseball fields which is where his experience played a very important part. Because the infield clay is probably the most important part of the baseball field – it’s actually where about 80% of the game takes place –  that’s what he put his focus on and decided to specialize in.

It’s a very scientific process, learning the soil composition and the moisture content to maintain an adequate playing surface so that the ball rolls adequately and true whatever the climate or weather conditions. In the process of developing this we established ourselves as the best in the industry in dealing with infield clay and clay renovations, and our company experienced.

Lou and his team traveled all over the country for many years renovating major league infields, minor league and major colleges at most every level. We did everything in that process from going in and excavating the current materials and updating with more appropriate blends necessary to achieve their goal of a certain type of playing surface.  We not only went in and did full clay renovations, we would go in annually and touch them up. We would add more materials and reincorporate what was currently there so we could reestablish the proper composition necessary annually.

In the process of doing that we grew our name as being a very reliable and meticulous company who did the work perfectly, and in the world of baseball, perfection is really important. When a ball that was hit low goes across these surfaces they wanted the most true and consistent hop of the ball that they could get and I believe we did a very good job in establishing ourselves as the leader in that part of the industry.

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