Backstops, Netting & Padding


Backstops, Netting & Padding

In 2016, Warner’s Athletic Construction replaced the backstop netting for the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees and the Saint Louis Cardinals as well as several of their minor league franchises including the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Springfield Cardinals. We offer full backstop renovation and construction including pro-style netting which does not require the use of poles and instead uses only a cable system to hold the net so that visibility is maximized. We install backstop systems and even build dugouts for several of our college and high school clients’ facilities which include a pole and cable system.

When we install the 3-foot or the backstop footwall we do everything from start to finish including the design and the brick or wall work depending on the client’s needs. We also sell backstop padding and wall pads which we install on our new backstop projects as well as around the entire field for almost all of the college and professional fields we do; the various league bylaws require these fields to have full wall padding. We also provide rail padding for the dugout as well as padding for the batting cage screens and poles, and any other types of padding that may be needed. We can also install logos on the pads.

As far as indoor facilities are concerned, WAC helps to design and build indoor facilities for all types of sports including baseball, football, soccer and softball. We have thus far completed indoor hitting facilities for several large universities and high schools for both baseball and softball. We provide the turf for the flooring, and we provide the batting cage with a system that allows the actual cage itself to be retracted; this creates an open area that can be utilized for a full practice. We also assist with indoor football training facilities and provide everything from accessories like the goal posts to the netting and poles as well as the flooring.

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