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Warner’s Athletic Construction Consultation & Design Services

WAC offers full consultation packages as well as value engineering projects; everything from coming in and evaluating a ballpark or recreation area to training your employees on how to successfully maintain your field or facility. We hire experts to come in and identify issues and challenges on athletic fields and then design solutions for how to correct them. We also hire architects to review the initial specs, which will allow them to put detailed plans together for big projects. Warner’s Athletic Construction Company provides full consultation and design services.

We have architects and engineers that will contact us to value engineer a job, after which we will go through what our clients are trying to accomplish and assign a value to it. In some cases, parks and recreation facilities hire us to come out and evaluate their complexes and athletic fields to help determine what needs to be done to correct existing problems, and to write the job specifications for any upcoming projects they might be planning. On the design side we will come in and look at the projected site and then help design either an entire complex or an individual athletic field.

During the consultation, WAC offers a service to train existing or new employees for professional organizations. For high schools and little league organizations we offer a seminar for the coaches or parents who will be maintaining the field. We are currently in the process of designing an actual class that we can offer to different parks and recreation organizations.

Whatever they choose to have their employees trained in – whether it is a recurring field maintenance issue on a baseball field or some other athletic field – we will design a program and train the personnel concerned on how to deal with the issues involved efficiently and effectively

When it comes to new athletic field construction, we do all types of athletic fields and construction projects from the bid process through to project management during the construction process. Another service we provide for our clients is called a design and build. Some private organizations do not have to do this, they can waive the certain bid laws, but, in the process, we are working with a private organization. Any public organization has laws we have to conform to, and they usually have to hire an architect and an engineer. When this service is requested, we meet with the client and not only construct a new athletic field, we also help them with the design process as well. The design and build service is available for all types of athletic facilities and includes both natural grass and synthetic turf fields.

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