Athletic Field Products & Materials

Athletic Field Products & Materials

Warner’s Athletic Construction offers an extensive variety of athletic field products and materials. We offer all types of field maintenance equipment as well as accessories for all sports including padding, rakes and other maintenance tools and equipment, bases, field markers for football, and virtually anything else a customer might need – all of which is listed in our extensive product catalogue. At Warner’s Athletic Construction we also have our own products for baseball and softball fields, as well as athletic field conditioners. Our product line is called Premium Red and we currently offer three products. The first product is called WAC Infield and Mound Clay; this is a clay-based infield mix.

We also offer Premium Red Infield Conditioner, which is a red crushed shell product; the only place in the world we can get this material is Birmingham, Alabama. It is a deep red color, and serves as a percolation material. When it is installed properly over an infield clay or infield mix it increases the percolation of water through the soil; this means that after a rain shower, the surface of the field will remain consistent and will not be sticky or slick as would be the case with a traditional clay surface. This product helps to stabilize the soil and gets the athletes back to playing the game quicker.

We also have Premium Red running track material. This is a quarter inch down screened bright red material that is used in running track installations. One of the main characteristics of this material is that it will not wash out under extreme rain conditions and it will not fade, so the bright red color will remain intact.

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